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The Audio Track Saved You.

When I first began watching, I realized the audio sounded familiar, though the credit to WKUK didn't help me out much as I don't believe I've listened to any of their other stuff. I've heard this one before though (and possibly even seen it animated by someone else).

The actual animation and drawings were uninteresting. Typical stick people a la Cyanide and Happiness. The animation was decent, but in terms of visuals, I was extremely annoyed at how you simply layered the face details onto the heads so that the blood spatter appeared the same when a character's mouth was open (instead of having an empty mouth). It didn't look polished and it would have been relatively easy to avoid.

The gun was ugly and I've seen it too many times.

I didn't feel like the lip sync was very good, but as you say - it's one of the first movies you lip synced, so by that regard you did well.

Despite having an audio track that you simply had to stick in, you actually had audio clipping issues. Considering you didn't even record the track and I guarantee there is nothing wrong with the track, you should have played around a bit to fix it considering you did something to break it.

All in all it was just OK. I feel like more effort should have been made on your end to entertain rather than relying on the audio to win your laughs.


This one's really COOL.

When I say COOL, I mean it in the proper sense of the word. Not COOL like cold, not COOL like "hey that was COOL" but COOL like "I'm the biggest dick motherfucker you know. Be COOL, brother."

Awesome work. I could see myself sharing a dance with the old man over your headless body.

Catoblepas responds:

ROFL get in the line man.


Ahahaha, I loved it.

It wasn't as filthy-dirty-funny as Vomit, perhaps, but it was still gory and charming. I love how you play upbeat music while all the violence goes on. It makes it all so much more fun.

Nice work! I look forward to seeing more from you. Always remember me as your first fan.


P.S. Excellent penis mutilation!

Oreogazmic responds:

Thanks! YOU'll ALWAYS BE MY # 1 FAN!!! that sounds kinda gya but its true!
The penis mutilation is pretty awesome

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You really managed to recreate that retro feel. This is incredibly nostalgic. Visually, it was perfect. I loved the colors, and you always made the right choice.

I'm most pleased with the sound. Great music and sound effect. They are so authentic, which is where other retro games often go wrong. I love it!

Awesome job :D

Points for originality

I hate mouse maze games. The Portal sees tons of them every day, all of them horribly made MS Paint looking mazes with giant red dot endings.

You did something good, though. You managed to take the game and make it interesting. Nice work on the obstacles. You made a mouse maze game worth playing!

It is clear that you put effort into it. The overall presentation was good.

I think the game suffered from a lack of diversity of music. I didn't much like the song you chose, and it would have been nice to see (hear) a few more songs. Glad you chose from the AP, though :)

As well as more songs, I think you would have benefited from some way to mute the music (or go between tracks if you had had more than one).

You should have a button to go back to the main menu from the 'Level Passwords' screen.

One thing I would have liked as well (because I feel it would have added to the presentation) would be if you had created your own cursor rather than keeping it the default. It could be something simple; just a little something to keep the presentation consistent and maybe give a better idea about the mouse's boundaries (though I know it's all about the point of the mouse).

Nice job!

Xaotik responds:

Thank you, that was a very thorough review, that helps alot when considering options for game 2.

Great game!

I really liked it. Great graphics, fun characters, smooth gameplay, good sound, and just a lot of fun! The overall presentation is quite nice. I think you've done an awesome job - I have no criticism.

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funky sweet

Love this one. You've got the perfect cheesy instrumentation down. Great melodies and mixing. The vocal samples are also actually really excellent and well placed throughout.

On the top of my list.

Whirlguy responds:

Ha, thanks man! Love your talkbox tune (:

The Downward Spiral

Heh, I definitely see where you're saying when you mention NIN influences.

You have the background industrial noise down PAT. All the build up to 0:44 was excellent. I wasn't really digging the vox that come in at 0:22. Not that they sounded bad, I just didn't feel they blended as well as maybe more noise would have.

Love the way the piano sounds. The guitar in the first part is great too. It's role in the second half of the song however sounded a little more unpolished to me, almost like the track was clipping at points. I downloaded it and opened it up in Audacity just to have a look and it isn't clipping, but it could just be the quality of the recording (if you actually recorded it).

Also - my apologies if I'm wrong about it being a guitar. For some reason right now I'm having trouble distinguishing the sound.

All that aside, I actually REALLY got into it. Especially great super loud on my headphones. I was disappointed by the length. I felt like it could have really gone on to become something big. Great stuff though.


SukiWukiDookie responds:

Wow, all that coming from you is pretty awesome. :D

I kinda had trouble with the vox, wasn't too sure about it myself. But I decided to leave it because I didn't know what else to put. Now that you mention it, I could have use a guitar instead of the voice.. Hmm..

Originally, there was going to be another voice in a higher pitch, but that eventually became the guitar parts you thought you heard.

You're right about the second half, though I'm not sure what specifically. There are some sounds I want in there, and some I don't. I guess I was going for a feeling of timidness, like the sounds were trying but couldn't really get through.

As for the length, I just couldn't think of anything more to add. But your words inspire me, so maybe I'll think of a version with more substance.

Many thanks snayk, I was happily surprised!


I heard this the day after KB day, and I've been meaning to write a review.

Seriously funny shit. The lyrics are honestly amazing. I know there's not much to them, but it's just a PERFECT phrase. To me, that alone could make the song, but your delivery is priceless as well, so I guess it's just the full package.

Nice looping too >:D

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