Album: "lost all my friends"

2011-07-15 12:20:57 by snayk

If you head over to my bandcamp page, you can listen to my new album. It's mostly a collection of my older electro tracks, but I wrote a few new ones too.

That basically sums up what I've been up to for the last little while. That and work :/

Next I'm planning to do something similar, but with my glitch and ambient tracks. I don't have any idea how long that will take, but I'm hoping not as long as this album.

Also: I'm on Facebook now.

Album: "lost all my friends"


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2011-07-15 15:29:57

Did you really lose all your friends?

snayk responds:

That's how I felt when I wrote the song, anyway. I've lost a lot of contact with people I was close to, and it got me (still gets me) down.


2011-07-15 15:57:22

shooting yourself in the head is selfish. all your friends lost you. did you think of that??

snayk responds:



2011-07-15 20:43:34


snayk responds:

dun dun DUH-dun-dun ....... DEH DEH DEH!


2011-07-15 23:16:46

^ funny guy

I remember listening to your music some odd years back and hating it, now I love it.

snayk responds:

It's very likely that you still hate a lot of the music I make, but you enjoy my electro stuff with vocals. It's much easier for most people to listen to.

Thanks for the words and listen.